Weiss Financial Ratings: Video Library

Take a tour through some of the functionality of the Weiss Financial Ratings database with these presentations and videos.

Presentations:  Medicare Supplement Insurance     Beginner's Guide to Investing
Tutorials:  Financial Literacy     Stocks     Mutual Funds     Exchange-Traded Funds     Banks     Credit Unions     Insurance


These longer-format videos provide patrons with helpful background information about each topic.  Each video ends with a tutorial about how they can log in to the database to start searching for investments or collect their own customized Medigap report.

Medicare Supplement Insurance: How to Pick the Right Plan & Get the Best Rate

A Beginner's Guide to Investing


Each of these videos contain a short tutorial about a single section of the database.  They will help patrons learn how to use a screener and find ratings for the investments or companies they're interested in.

Financial Literacy


Mutual Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds


Credit Unions

Insurance Companies