Ratings Track Record

Weiss Ratings & Grey House Publishing are the source for accurate ratings that you can rely upon to make sound, informed financial decisions. Weiss Ratings has an excellent track record for identifying and warning the public about troubled companies before they fail, and their superior results speak for themselves.

Most people automatically assume their bank or insurance company will survive, year after year. Unfortunately, every year this assumption leads to millions of people being caught off guard by a company failure. Sometimes the impact is relatively small, creating only a few minor headaches and inconveniences. In some instances, however, the impact can be huge, ranging from outright financial losses to accounts being temporarily frozen.

Why take a chance? With independent, unbiased bank, credit union and insurance ratings, Weiss Ratings is committed to giving you accurate, timely advice regarding the financial stability of the companies you do business with.

Just look at Weiss Ratings' track record for warning about...

Over 500 Banks have failed since January 2008.  
Weiss rated over 98% of these failed banks as either Weak or Very Weak, before they failed.  

Nearly 200 Insurers have failed since January 2008.  
Weiss rated over 90% of these failed insurers as either Weak or Very Weak, before they failed.  

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