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Financial Ratings Series
Important Financial Literacy Tools from Weiss Ratings & Grey House Publishing

  • Independent, Unbiased Financial Strength Ratings of Banks, Credit Unions & Insurance Companies
  • Conservative Buy-Hold-Sell Ratings of Thousands of Stocks, Mutual Funds & Exchange Traded Funds
  • Create your own Personal Account to create a Watchlist, get Upgrade/Downgrade Notifications and Log In from Anywhere
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance - Which Plan to Choose, How Much it will Cost, Compare Rates & Plan Benefits

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 Financial Ratings Series Online

 Medicare Supplement Insurance Buyers Guide

Program Ideas for June: Check the Rating of Your Bank

We check reviews for many things… items we are going to purchase online, suggestions on contractors, reviews on cars, hotels, restaurants, etc…

We take these comments and reviews into consideration before we SPEND our money, BUT...


How many people knew that they could??? A lot of people DON’T know they can do this!

Weiss Financial Ratings has a 98% success over the last 10 years in predicting banking institution failures. We are Independent, Unbiased, and Conservative in our ratings. It is information you can trust.

EVERYONE should know the financial strength of where they keep their money (and the companies they “invest” in!)

EVERYONE benefits from this information! People with a personal account at a bank, someone with a local small business account or someone looking to start a home-based business, EVEN the High School student looking to open their first checking account for their part-time job earnings! They all have choices of where to put that hard-earned money.

Let your local Chamber of Commerce know that you have this information for their members!

If your local High School has a Personal Finance class for its students, let the teachers know that you have this information. It can help supplement their material when they start talking about checking accounts. As these students get summer jobs, or come in looking for summer job help/advice, take a moment to let them know that you have some helpful information for that new income.

You can help!!, if you haven’t already, go check on the rating of YOUR bank/credit union!