Supplement Insurance:
How to Pick the Right Medigap Plan & Get the Best Rate

We’re here to help you navigate through the Medicare & Medigap maze. 

Join us for a discussion about Medicare and Medicare Supplement Insurance. 

We’ll go through the basics and help you answer some of these questions:

  • What are the Hidden Costs of Medicare?
  • Do I need Medicare Supplement Insurance?
  • Which Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is Right for me?
  • How Much Does Medicare Supplement Insurance Cost?
  • Am I Getting the Best Rate? How Can I Compare Prices?

Plus,  we’ll tell you how you can get your own Medicare Supplement Insurance Pricing Report, customized just for you, for FREE with your library card! 

Presented by Weiss Financial Ratings, Grey House Publishing & Your Local Library

Please click on a date below to register.  There is no cost to attend the meeting.